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This yearbook is a compilation of thematically arranged essays that critically analyse emerging developments, issues, and perspectives across different branches of law. It consists of research from scholars around the world with the view that comparative study would initiate dialogue on law and legal cultures across jurisdictions. The themes vary from jurisprudence of comparative law and its methodologies to intrinsic details of specific laws like memory laws. The sites of the enquiries in different chapters are different legal systems, recent judgements, and aspects of human rights in a comparative perspective. It comprises five parts wherein the first part focuses on general themes of comparative law, the second part discusses private law through a comparative lens, and the third part examines aspects of public law with special focus on constitutional law, human rights and economic laws. The fourth part engages with criminal law and the last part of the book covers recent developments in the field of comparative law. This book intends to trigger a discussion on issues of comparative law from the vantage point of Global South, not only focusing on the Global North. It examines legal systems of countries from far-east and sub-continent and presents insights on their working. It encourages readers to gain a nuanced understanding of the working of law, legal systems and legal cultures, adding to existing deliberations on the constituents of an ideal system of law.

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