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After the death of her brother Zenny Moone decides to view life from a different perspective. She is a seeker of truth, but has no idea where to find the answers. Drifting into a downward spiral of loneliness, teenage angst, and the numbing feeling of losing yourself, Zenny’s will to live begins to weaken. That is until she discovers something remarkable hidden in the woods. What she finds leads her to someone mystical; an out of this world being, Lukas, who is sent to help her and also knows secrets about her brother’s death.In a leap of faith, Zenny ventures with Lukas to discover the truth about her brother’s demise. Along the way she discovers more disturbing truths about the world and that Lukas was not only sent here to help her, but to recruit her. She has been given a gift that can be used to save others. It’s now up to Zenny to test her faith, to believe in something she cannot see, and without any more doubt she must also believe in herself

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