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Florence Nightingale lived the perfect life. She had loyal friends, loving parents, and comfortable living conditions in one of Brooklyn's better apartment complexes. Then the Half War-a violent fight between races-broke out and her life was changed forever. Forced to leave her home in New York, Florence flees to North Carolina where she is reluctantly taken in by a mysterious rural community called the Colony. Ruled by a self-appointed King and Queen, the Colony is divided from within. Women are raffled off at the age of sixteen, breaking the law means certain death, and under no circumstances are races to be mixed. But Florence has never been one to follow rules. It isn't long before she has secured a home for herself in the Cabin where servants are raised. Secluded just outside the confinements of the Colony, the Cabin allows Florence to mature in a peaceful environment. Here she establishes lasting friendships, bitter rivalries, and her first love. When her father is publicly executed for a crime he didn't commit, Florence focuses her attention on rebelling against the monarchy and uprooting the truth behind the Colony's darkest secrets. The only problem is that her marriage raffle is looming near, and the more Florence uncovers about the Colony-including the death of her father-the more it endangers both her safety and her sanity.

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